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Logistics Company Branding

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Over time in graphic design you get to work with many business sectors, but one that I had never had contact with before was specialist logistics. Companies in this field have to really know their stuff and have an in depth knowledge of all of the wildly varying regulations regarding the transportation of hazardous cargo across the world. One such company based in Hampshire is Pentland Logistics and they asked me to work with them to create a new logo for their business to promote the services they provide. It was identified from the outset that the look needed to be reasonably conservative given the work they do with governmental organisations around the world so as to present a highly professional appearance, so following some ideas a branding was developed that takes inspiration from the colours and symbols that Pentland work with every day. A great company to work with and the result will soon be seen on a brand new website and across supporting print that we will also handle.Pentland Logistics Logo

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