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Is Design subjective?

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It is a commonly held belief that graphic design is subjective, but it clearly is much more objective than people realise. Graphic design is not about pretty pictures and colours but about delivering a message to the right audience in the right way which requires consideration and experience. I know this probably just sounds like someone trying to justify their profession but it really is very important that any business communicates in the right way. A few days ago I was at a location that was selling a mid to high end experience but had decided to erect signage that looked like it had been designed for the low end of the market so creating a truly confusing message given the obvious effort and expense that the proprietors had gone to in other areas of the business. And just to prove the point my wife, who is not involved in marketing in any way, picked up on exactly the same thing…. Professional graphic design services is as important to your business as the vehicles you use or the IT systems you rely on, talk to us, we are a pretty friendly bunch and can really help you realise you goals.

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A Graphic Designer for more than 15 years I have worked with clients from every industry and of every size. Design, Art and creativity have always been there and to make, create or put together something from nothing is still everything. Based in Portsmouth, Hampshire I can't think of anywhere I'd rather live and work from (except perhaps Cornwall!).

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