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A5 Car Care Guide

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One of the biggest players in the Car Care industry, Dodo Juice, recently asked me to design a new Machine Polishing Guide. A 20 page A5 print job that will be distributed in all of Dodo’s markets, this was a good multi page job that was enjoyable to work on. For the uninitiated, Machine Polishing is the art (and it really is an art form) of beautifully polishing a cars bodywork mechanically rather with an old t shirt! Understanding how to successfully achieve a mirror finish without going through to the metal can take years of practice but Dodo is only too aware that many amateurs want to learn the skills so that’s where the guide comes in. Having never worked with Dodo Juice before I had to get an understanding of the look and feel of the brand to create a successful piece. For more info and / or quality products why not visit dodojuice.com20 page brochure

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